Vehicles that can get above 40ish mph, let’s call them ‘inter-city’ vehicles, are currently used inside heavily built up areas. The problems we see are many - RTAs, pollution, parking stress, traffic jams, towns built for cars rather than people.

How about we expand a park-n-ride type scheme whereby folks can have these vehicles but they aren’t allowed inside certain areas of high population density. Imagine getting on your local public transport to get to a park-n-ride. You collect your vehicle and whizz off to your heart’s content at ridiculous speeds, weeee, but then when you get to the next built up area, you park it at the p-n-r and use public transport to get to your destination. The public transport could be like a fleet of golf-cart type thingies. You could transfer all your kids and your stuff to the golf-cart and then go about your business. Shops could integrate their services with these carts such that grocery shopping, school runs, evening entertainments and so forth all co-ordinated around this inner-city vehicle maximising the pedestrian, humanification of urban environs.

There would have to be some solution found to getting goods from lorries to shops and factories without letting them inside built up areas. I bet you can think of a few right off the top of your head!