mani 11

15 Sep 2021


Finished a mani for my mam :) It’s made from an offcut of Bath Stone given by a local stone masons. The stone is very much softer and so it was a lot quicker to make.

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session #16

03 Sep 2021

stone19 And that’s it finished!

A kind of timelapse version is here youtube thumbnail

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session #15

02 Sep 2021

stone18 Finishing using my original Ladakhi fine tools.

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session #14

01 Sep 2021

stone17 Second pass completed, all letters defined.

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session #13

31 Aug 2021

stone16 Finish ‘dme’ and half of ‘hum’. Also the perimeter.

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session #12

30 Aug 2021

stone15 half of ‘dme’ defined.

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session #11

29 Aug 2021

stone14 ‘ni’ defined.

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session #10

28 Aug 2021

stone13 ‘ma’ defined.

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session #8 & #9

27 Aug 2021

stone12 Most of the ‘om’ defined.

stone11 Top of the first letter defined.

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session #7

26 Aug 2021

stone10 first pass completed

an explanation of the mantra youtube thumbnail

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session #6

25 Aug 2021

stone9 ‘dme’ roughed out

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session #5

24 Aug 2021


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session #4

23 Aug 2021


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session #2 & #3

22 Aug 2021



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session #1

21 Aug 2021

This is how far I got in 3/4 of an hour chiselling. Much longer than that I can trigger a PEM attack

roughing out the letters ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’

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20 Aug 2021

All cleaned and prepared with the tools sharpened. The hammer is still the one I got in Ladakh from the yogins.

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found a stone

01 Jun 2019

I chose this one because of how beautifully flat it is and its colours and diagonal grain.

It is made of Upper Old Red Sandstone.

Portishead Beach
Redcliffe bay looking towards Battery Point. This is where I found a really lovely stone. The date is approximate, I think it was in the summer of 2019 ish.

background of the mantra
previous stones
how I learned

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