fave pix

East Oxford Community Centre, 1987ish

The Hilliards visit the Carrolls, mid 70s

School portrait at 7 years old

Burning my tie on the last day of school, 1980

Ānanda's cave at Rajgir, Vulture's Peak

Portishead, 2015ish

Wedding party magic gig, chess break, 2012ish

Hat, foot to head trick, China, 2008

Naked cricket team shot at Chris' wedding reception

John Crook. We are about to set off for Holy Island, 2007

Holy Island, 2007

The Tara stone made for Sophie, Gear Mill, 2007. Om tare tutarre ture svaha

Holy Island mani stone I carved

Just finished mani stone for the Maenllwyd, 2007

Maenllwyd mani in situ, 2007

Family Christmas 2012

Firebreathing with Richie

Firewallet trick at magic gig, Eastcott, 2012

Giant's Grave, 2006

Holy Family, Hughie back row right, 1970

H on Lost Horizon, 1986

Summit of El Naranjo de Bulnes, 1989

Los Rubios first ascent, H & Damo, Pembroke, 1998

Bing Nan Li giving me his Heart Sutra scroll, Ashmolean, 2014

Self portrait with guitar, 2006

Me & mam, hols, 2008

H, Tim, Damian, Mam, Jem, Matt, Cornwall, 2008

End of course art show, Ilkley, 1985. Bruises and blood stains still visible from the 'glassed' incident

Inevitable Split promo shot, 1984

John Crook & me on my 45th birthday, 2009. Rainbow!

John Crook in full flow at the Maenllwyd Chan Hall, 2007

John Senior burning the leaves, Maenllwyd, 2012

Josh, Rosie, Margaret, Jaqui, Hughie, Damo, Nore Lighthouse, 2012

Frosty morning at the Maenllwyd

Damian & Matt, Reedville Grove, 1960ish

Margaret & Colm recreating dad's shot, 2006

Margaret, Hughie, Colm at the Wallasey hospital where H was born, 2006

The models proving that they were models, Stefano's party, snowed in, just after mantrasphere was released, 2010

With Paul Daniels on his training day, Wargrave, 2013

Peewee & H, 1988ish

Dry dock boat, Portishead, 2006

At a wedding reception, 2016

Master Sheng-yen Gaia House retreat, 2000. H to the right of John.

Sophie, John, H & Pete posing where John was going to build a Chan Hall. Winterhead, 2012

Family Christmas, Portishead beach, 2012.

The Weedplants, 1988

Fyfield Down, 2006

H & Jem, Landsown Road, Swindon, 1999

Sarah, Peewee, Roger, Pete, Emma, Barbury Castle, 1999